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Who would have ever thought a muddy bike ride in Alabama would inspire a phenomenal & innovative sustainable clothing company…oh the wondrous ways the universe works!  Earth Creations is the brainchild of Joy & Martin Ledvina that began over 10 years ago after Joy realized the mud from her bike ride was NOT coming out of her shirt.  From there the wheels started turning & with the combination of Martin’s chemical engineering skills & Joy’s business skills & vision, Earth Creations’ sustainable clothing line was formed!  A humble beginning, the Bessemer, Alabama based company began selling their shirts in malls across the state & the positive feedback from customers was so immense expansion was definitely in order!

Now over 10 years later, the company has completely exploded & produced a full clothing line made from natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp & bamboo in an array of beautiful clay-dyed colors.  All of their production is completely local, even their sewing facilities are located in Alabama, a rarity now a days with most production going overseas.  I loved the fact that the graphics that adorn their amazingly comfortable shirts are bought straight from artists, supporting creative minds across the United States. 

Meeting with Joy in their Bessemer facilities was such an incredible experience… being able to walk from room to room witnessing the entire production process, as well as seeing the way she & her husband run a sustainable company was completely mind blowing.  Support Earth Creations, a local & sustainable clothing company that not only is progressive environmentally but also fashion forward!

HERE ARE MY TOP HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS FROM EARTH CREATIONS…  Check out their extensive online store, as well as any Whole Foods store to purchase a gift or just something for yourself that will really make a difference!











1. Wrap it up. Think outside the wrapping paper aisle!  Reuse old paper or make your own keepsake pieces with stamps and other art supplies.  Borrow from Japanese culture and create a furoshiki, or traditional Japanese wrapping cloth – a beautiful scarf or embroidered towel can make a stunning and reusable gift-wrap.
2. Season’s greetings.  Send tree-free holiday cards, such as those made from hemp or rag, or e-cards.
3. Hold a zero-waste holiday party.  It’s easy – put the word out via an online invitation site; use washable table linens, cutlery and plates; decorate with found nature items; and dim the lights.
4. Travel green.  No, you don’t have to go over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house in a horse-drawn sleigh.  But do pack lightly; less weight equals less fuel, whether it’s a plane or a car.  If flying, coordinate flight times with other relatives to save trips to the airport.  And remember the train where possible.
5. Buy greener gifts. Shop for gifts that make you feel good about giving and please your loved ones.  From earth creations, check out the cozy Whoppie Cap and the multipurpose, works-on-anyone Shiver Scarf!


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Playback clothing

After attending a Green Resource Center of Alabama event last week I was inspired to uncover some new eco-friendly fashions.  My favorite find: PLAYBACK Clothing based out of Brooklyn, NY….think American Apparel but more sustainable & honestly more classic than trendy hipster.  The founder, Adam Siskind is adamant about making products that are at least 70% recycled, if not 100% recycled!  They save literally tons of textile waste from going into landfills & since they are recycling already made goods they do not require extra natural resources like land, water & energy.  Thanks to the amazingly informative PLAYBACK website here is a brief diagram on how their clothing is created:

Playback Clothing process


PLAYBACK is more than just recycled clothing; the company also strives to take a humanistic approach to sustainability.  They only work with factories that are WRAP (Worldwide Recognized Apparel Production) certified, monitored, and inspected regularly.  By building long term relationships with both local & international factories they are able to help build better economic situations for communities in need.  Lastly, they conduct Life Cycle Analysis studies on all of their products to help determine ways to reduce PLAYBACK’s environmental effect in more ways than just their phenomenal recycled clothing!  For example, they realized that the amount of transportation & energy they were using was negatively effecting the environment, thus they opted to gather discarded fabric & bottles from sites closer to their factories.


Playback Clothing tshirt & dyes


The clothing is well-made, well-designed & beautifully colored-I promise no earthy, crunchy clothing allowed.  Now do your part & SHOP!

Playback Clothing shop image


                          All images are courtesy of playbackclothing.com

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Stella McCartney Organic

I’m only a 1/4 of the way through the massive September issue of Vogue & I’ve already dog-eared close to 20 pages of clothing, accessories, boutiques & more that have made my obsession list!  This Stella McCartney Organic Collection spread of course caught my eye as I adore Stella McCartney, as well as the ‘green fashion movement’ truly fascinates me. 

Stella has always had a passion for our environment & her Green capsule collection is hard evidence of her eco-friendly nature!  Eva Mendes is wearing one of the chic dresses from the new collection made completely of sustainable hemp burlap and colored a stunning sandy-honey using low-impact dye.  She told Vogue the collection is more than just sustainable fabrics & dyes, “We minimized fabric waste by cutting the garment with as few pattern pieces as possible & with origami in mind, by folding & playing with the excess fabric”. 

Stella McCartney organic dress 

Goddess-esque dress from Stella McCartney’s Organic collection



Not only has Stella created this phenomenal capsule collection full of origami inspired dresses, chunky sweaters, double breasted blazers & menswear trousers but also her affinity for all things ‘green’ has lead to a lingerie, accessories, denim & even skincare collection using similar sustainable practices & organic materials.

Stella McCartney lingerie 3

Stella McCartney organic bag

Stella McCartney skin care


Providing & selling gorgeous & lush ‘green’ clothing at stores like Barneys is not enough for my Green Hero, oh no, she also lists 17 great ways that everyone (yes you!) can contribute to healing our environment check them out along with her capsule collection!

Stella McCartney ad

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Celebrities & their FEED bags

Lauren Bush & Christie Brinkley, Tobey Maguire, Teri Hatcher & Marcia Cross are all fans of the FEED bags! ( images from FEED)


Walking through Bergdorf Goodmans my eye was immediately drawn to the strikingly rustic FEED bag hanging from a faux-tree.  Who designed this glorious bag?? Reading the tag I was floored by the cause associated with this simple yet chic FEED bag…

FEED tag


In 2006 model & activist Lauren Bush designed this bag to benefit the United Nations World Food Program’s (WFP) School Feeding operations.  Bush was inspired to create this bag after seeing & hearing the stories of impoverished & starving children on her travels around the world.  Today there are over 400 million children going to bed hungry & over 77 million children not attending school.  Teaming with WFP to create this FEED bag from organic materials & using sustainable practices, all proceeds go to feed 2 children in school for an entire year!  According to WFP, “When boys and girls are given a free, nutritious meal in school, research has shown that attendance increases by 100% and performance improves greatly. Girls with just a few years of education have fewer children, have them later in life, and are better prepared to care for and educate them. For many children, a school lunch is the only meal they will receive all day. Learn More: www.wfp.org.”


FEED bag

My very own FEED bag exclusive to Bergdorf Goodmans!  The 2 on the back of the bag symbolizes that purchasing this bag feeds 2 children in school for 1 year… amazing right?!  The inside of the bag is made of 100% organic cotton in a bold buffalo plaid fabric while the outside is natural burlap adorned with colorful beads.  The shoulder strap (not shown) & the handles make it extremely versatile-I plan on using it for a laptop bag, a grocery bag & just an everyday purse!  Check out the FEED website to purchase your own FEED bag that will benefit 2 children more than you or I could ever fathom!

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Cotton girl

Drawing & Design by Lucy Halcomb


Living in NYC this past year has made me appreciate many, many things about where I’m from but the two that stand out the most are 1. a slower paced lifestyle & 2. my love for all things southern!  That being said it’s no surprise that one of my FAVORITE fashion/lifestyle designers is Natalie ‘Alabama’ Chanin.  Her line consists of sustainably made clothing, denim, bridal (a recent & exciting addition!), fabrics & lifestyle items.  Unlike most designers today, the Alabama Chanin collections are all hand sewn & made by local artisans in Florence, Alabama (a mere two hours from my hometown)!  Natalie is adamant about creating beautifully crafted, limited addition items while still focusing on slow design & sustainability & I agree with her practices whole-heartedly!! I mean what’s not to love; she is from Alabama after all…

I had the extreme pleasure of attending the most recent Alabama Chanin fashion show in NYC that showcased her Fall/Winter ’09 Collection.  Can I just say that it was by far the most enjoyable fashion show I’ve ever been to…and I’m not just saying that because she’s from Alabama (I promise).  Walking into the Alphabet City showroom called ‘The Firehouse’ I was in awe of the rustic yet sophisticated look of the white-washed exposed brick, the pine wood floors, the table lined with southern BBQ, sweet tea & of course some PBR (haha) but  most importantly the 10 or so models wearing the most fantastic hand crafted ensembles!  The attention to detail of not only the clothing but also the showroom itself was something only a true southern woman could achieve (I am a bit biased, sorry!).  Natalie & her team had crafted a beautiful spread by the duo playing folksy-bluegrass music that consisted of a massive binder exploding with swatches of Natalie’s fabrics, as well as other sustainable companies’ adorable little postcards & booklets.  The Alabama Chanin fashion show was magnificent & for a few hours I was transported back to the good ol’ Heart of Dixie…

Natalie Chanin

Natalie ‘Alabama’ Chanin wearing one of her own designs-a dress & matching coat-tres magnifique!!


Alabama Chanin fall/winter '09 collection

A handful of the Alabama Chanin models hanging out while wearing looks from the Fall/Winter ’09 Collection…I loved that the fashion show consisted of the models actually socializing & ‘living’ in the clothing so you could truly imagine yourself in one of the hand crafted dresses, skirts, t-shirts & coats


Alabama Chanin fall/winter '09 fashion show

More of the models having their photograph taken while enjoying the southern ambiance


Bluegrass Duo

Entertainment for the Afternoon-a ‘folksy-bluegrass’ musicial duo

Alabama Chanin peace dress at Barney's

A front window display at Barney’s New York

Alabama Chanin is widely known in the fashion industry & is sold in high-end stores like Barney’s New York, Bergdorf Goodman’s & Jeffrey New York & Atlanta.  Natalie also has a flagship store in Florence, Alabama along with ‘The Factory’ where she hosts weekend events such as crafting/quilting, environmentally sustainable lectures & more!

Alabama Chanin in Vogue, July 2009

Flipping through the pages of the recent issue of Vogue I shrieked (literally) when I saw the full page spread of actress Jessica Alba adorned in one of Alabama Chanin’s latest dresses!  (Page from July 2009 Vogue)

HERE’S A FEW SOUTHERN WEBSITES FOR Y’ALL, ENJOY! ….ohhh & I’d love any other recommendations on great southern-inspired sites, comment away!

Alabama Chanin

Billy Reid

Beauty Everyday


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